Dead Baby Chicks

Well I know I for one love the colors yellow and florescent orange, but I went in a different direction with my place settings, which is obviously rainbows and sparkles. So while I do love these they are not rainbow or sparkly. I very specifically said I only want things with rainbows and sparkles and that I might consider unicorns or hula girls as a possibility too. But at no point did I say “Gee, you know what I would really like? I would like something made out of dead baby chicks. Could you make that for me?” But look that’s what I got, talk about communication problems. So I know that out there in the world there is the perfect home for these. Is that your home? Is this the hard to find “one of a kind” Holiday present that you have been searching to the ends of the earth for, to give to your boss or your mother-in-law? I think it might be! Tell me your story and they can be yours for the bargain price of FREE!

The set includes – 4 placemats, 4 coasters, 2 hot mats – these were clearly made with a lot of love in mind, I mean look at that up-close knit detailing. WOW! So if this works for you and you really, really want them and who wouldn’t, drop me a line and we can meet up.  I’m thinking Sunday November 14th at a place conveniently located for me.


(So this one it was FLAGGED and REMOVED 3 times. I hate you all Craigslist Community. So I gave up pretty easily, which is unusual for me as I’m pretty persistent.)


I saw your ad on Craig’s List. Those things are yellow, orange, and
definitely amazing!
I am the Creative Director for a company called Story Pirates. We are
shooting a short music video next week called “Sock Town” based on a
story written by a group of 3rd and 4th graders. Those knitted pieces
would be perfect for the video.
Let me know if they are still available. Thanks!

(But in that short period of time I got one that had some promise. Turn these ugly things into puppets. Yes, please! So I meet up with him and encourage his creativity.)


well, there was a waste of a click

(So I guess this guy was not expecting Dead Baby Chick placemats and coasters.)


And here we have the winner of the dead baby chick placemat collection, Drew.

Drew’s company is called Story Pirates and he helps kids to see their stories come to life. Yay, Drew! Keep up the good work and make some awesome things out of these weird objects! Also check out his website and go see a show or send him some money or something –


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