Art Imitates Life, Imitating Art, Imitating Soup?

It’s a classic, it may even be considered vintage, I mean Andy Warhol was a huge fan and look where it got him. Here we have this formerly delicious can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup just for you. Now I’m not offering it to you as just a can of soup but more as a paperweight or a bookend because as I discovered it is actually now considered vintage because this particular can of soup was born in 1997. Seriously 1997! God that was a good year, Titanic won the Oscar, Ellen DeGeneres came out, and Greenbay beat New England in the Super Bowl. So I think it might make a lovely addition to your bookshelf but I highly recommend that you probably don’t eat it, unless you are a frat guy and this part of traditional yet cruel hazing. However, I take no responsibility for what you choose to do with this soup if you do in fact choose to open it and see what lurks inside not my problem.

I will meet you in a mutually conveniently location for the great soup exchange. (Artwork by Andy Warhol not included, you just get can of soup)

(I thought for sure this would be flagged and removed fairly quickly like so many that have come before. But NO! It made it the whole 10 days. I guess people liked the nostalgia and information about the year 1997. Oh and sometimes people ask me where I get this stuff from and for the most part I just have a lot of really weird stuff and sometimes people give me stuff but in this case I found this in my parents basement on the shelf of can goods on Christmas Eve. Maybe next time I’ll bring back the expired tube Neosporin from 1993 that was in the medicine cabinet that actually made my cut worse! Oh yeah, I put it back in the medicine cabinet.)


So, I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in your soup can (although I’m sure it’s a mighty fine can, I just don’t think we’d be a match), but I just wanted to tell you that this was by far, the best, craigslist free ad I’ve ever stumbled upon. Ever.


(Awww, shucks thanks.)


I would like your can of soup. If you want me to I can explain why, but you might not care much so I guess I will wait and see what you say. What neighbs are you in? Oh god in the time I’ve tarried writing this, someone else could have already gotten the can of soup.


(I liked this frantic enthusiasm/panic for the soup, like a desperate need. So I requested more information.)

Thanks for the laugh!


(You’re welcome!)


hi is the soup can still available? is it really from 1997?



(Well, yes but it’s got a better offer.)

Hey! Thanks for the laugh. 🙂



My message to panicked Soup Girl:

Me:“Oh my god tell me why you want the soup! It’s totally a competition.
Park Slope is the answer to your question.”

Soup Girl: Whoa while I should have been here waiting for my emails to arrive I had to take a horrible wind walk and then fall asleep.

So my friend L, a dear sweet soul who crafts happiness in others with the gentility of a doe and the righteousness of a Pope has decided to leave me for a long time to cure lepers or something like that. She and I both hail from Wisconsin. I don’t know if you heard, but just recently the Green Bay Packers, who are more loved by Laura than mere words can express, won another Super Bowl. To make the occasion of her departure all the more special for her, I would love nothing more than to present her with a can of her equally beloved Campbell’s ChixNoodle stamped with another year equally as great in which the Packers secured such a noble victory.

It is perfect: small enough it can travel with her, yet possible nourishing enough that if she gets stuck in a jungle with nothing but it and a can opener, she will be sustained for a while.

(Ok, so I heart soup girl because this shit cracked me up. The whole kit and caboodle, the Pope, the leapers, the Green Bay Packers, stuck in a jungle (on the way to Wisconsin?). All hilarious.)

I respond

Me: Well I find your story to be truly amazing and soup worthy! Let’s make the great soup exchange happen. What do your night’s look like this week? Or next Saturday morning?

Soup Girl: It’s Christmas in February (it was normal for parents to give only cans of soup for Christmas, right?). I could possibly do it tomorrow evening, but the best bets would be Thursday or Saturday. I can’t help but wonder how much free stuff you have, since you made a whole email address for it. Maybe it’s enough that you could get on that TV show about hoarders.

(Again, really funny.)

Me: Heh,
It’s true I have a lot of free stuff. I am trying to be the reverse of the hoarders.  I think Saturday works well. Can you come to the Tea Lounge in Park Slope on Union Street? I think morning or early afternoon could work for me.

Soup Girl: I don’t know it but I just google mapped it so now I feel like I do. I propose we shoot for 1pm because that’s a nice time for soup to exchange hands.

(Oh yeah, then I do the thing where I invite her to come help save the world. )

Me: Ok so I just found out I have to go save the world at 1pm on Saturday. Which is a lot of responsibility. However I am totally willing to meet you with soup while I save the world because I love to multi-task. And since you are a person of the female persuasion maybe you would want to save the world too? Here is the invite below. If not we can re-schedule. But feel free to come to this and bring all your progressive friends and what not. And we will meet on the steps of the Court House or something.

Soup Girl: How did I not know this was going down? Thank you, free/e. I shall try very hard to go to this thing, but this weekend is full of stupid blerggy friends who are moving away and lame stuff. I’ll let you know. Till then, you will save the world and all that don’t sweat it!

(No sense of stranger danger!)

Me: Great, if you think you can go maybe send me a text in the morning and I will put soup in my bag.
Wait, is your friend who requires the soup one of the people who is moving this weekend? That would be sad.
Have a fun weekend.

(So we couldn’t coordinate over the weekend. Plan B!)

Soup Girl: Hi E. Is there a time this evening when I could get the soup? I am perfectly happy to come down your way, I must go to target anyway.

Me: What does tomorrow (Monday) night look like?

Soup Girl: I’ll be back in bklyn around 5.30 tomorrow, and could make this go down, let me know. If you read these emails it would seem like we were strange email drug dealers or human traffickers.

Me: Excellent!
So you want an Asian girl, a Russian girl and a Mexican girl?
How’s Tea Lounge Between 6 and 7?
I will probably be reading in some dark corner.

Soup Girl: Excellent. I will bring the drugs. All of them.

Me: Great see you there!


So Soup Girl was very timely and very tall. I handed over the goods and asked about the photo op but she had already figured me out, of course there has got to be some catch to a “Free” can of soup from 1997, and there is! I take your photo with said can of soup. See Soup Girl below. I hope her best pal enjoys all the effort she went through for this soup!


2 Responses to “Art Imitates Life, Imitating Art, Imitating Soup?”

  1. stacia potter Says:

    best one in awhile. of course it always helps to not get flagged.

  2. Lisa Says:

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